Minor Surgery

New guidelines have been given to all GPs in Liverpool for minor surgery procedures.  These have been in effect from 1.4.2019.

Appropriate conditions for treatment include:

  • Benign naevus
  • Solar comedones
  • Dermatofibromas
  • Lipomas <5 cms
  • Sebaceous cysts

Clinical Criteria for treatment
NHS England in conjunction with the Royal Colleges have developed criteria for minor surgery as part of the Evidence Based Interventions Programme.  The benign skin lesions, which are listed above, must meet at least ONE of the following criteria to be removed. 

  • The lesion is unavoidably and significantly traumatised on a regular basis with evidence of this causing regular bleeding or resulting in infections such that the patient requires 2 or more courses of antibiotics (oral or intravenous) per year 
  • There is repeated infection requiring 2 or more antibiotics per year
  • The lesion bleeds in the course of normal everyday activity
  • The lesion causes regular pain
  • The lesion is obstructing an orifice or impairing field vision
  • The lesion significantly impacts on function e.g. restricts joint movement
  • The lesion causes pressure symptoms e.g. on nerve or tissue
  • If left untreated, more invasive interventions would be required for removal
  • A naevus whilst not suspicious of malignancy is concerning enough to warrant removal

Prior approval from the CCG must be sought before a procedure is carried out.
No lesion can be treated for cosmetic reasons.