COVID-19 Highest Risk Patients

NHS England has identified UK patients who fall into a highest risk category for coronavirus. These patients have now been contacted by NHS England by letter or text and advised to follow strict isolation for 12 weeks.

If you feel you should fall into this category and haven't received a letter please either:

1) visit our website and complete an eConsult  OR if you havent access to the internet
2) please call the surgery on 0151 228 9101 and request a telephone consultation

This query will then be reviewed by a clinician and assessed with the guidelines. You will then receive a letter to confirm if you need to follow the 12 week isolation recommendation.

Please note that we have been issuing many letters to patients who haven't been identified from their medical records, as belonging to the highest risk category. These letters help our vulnerable patients receive the support they require so that they can be appropriately shielded. To reduce any potential risk, we are posting these letters to your home address.

Information Regarding Test Results

If you are chasing up results for any tests or investigations ie. x-ray or blood results that have not been requested by the surgery then please do not ring the surgery for the results. Please get in touch with the department or location that initially requested them.